Basic Skills

In order for you to be truly successful in math, you need to have a solid foundation in basic math skills.  These skills include:  fractions, decimals, ratios, proportions, percentages, geometry, and measurement.  These are topics you have covered in the past.  The more proficient you are in applying these skills the greater confidence you will have in your ability to solve all types of mathematical problems.


The following links are useful for all skills:

aaa Math - instruction and practice  (check 6th and 7th grade skills too!)
Amby's Math Instruction - instruction - instruction and practice  (Try anything from Grade 5-8!)

Khan Academy - video instruction and practice - instruction and practice
Math Is Fun
That Quiz - great practice!
The Math Page  (Go to "Skill in Arithmetic.")

Click below for help with specific Skills topics:

Whole Numbers







Number Theory



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