Skill Practice Sheets - Each sheet includes Examples, Guided Practice and Practice Problems.

1.  Metric Units of Length 12.  Problem Solving - Area and Perimeter (core)
2.  Metric Units of Mass 13.  Pi and Circumference (core)
3.  Converting Units 14.  Area of Circles (core)
4.  Converting Rates 15.  Surface Area of Prisms (core)
5.  Computing with Customary Measures 16.  Surface Area of Cylinders (core)
6.  Computing With Time 17.  Volume of Rectangular Prisms (core)
7.  Perimeter (core) 18.  Problem Solving - SA and Volume (core)
8.  Area of Rectangles and Squares(core) 19.  Volume, Mass, Capacity
9.  Area of Triangles (core) 20.  Converting Between Measurement Systems
10.  Area of Parallelograms and Trapezoids (core) 21.  Volume of Triangular Prisms and Cylinders (core)
11.  Area of Compound Shapes (core) Answer Keys

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