Dr.P's Social Distance Math

Hi Everyone!  I hope you all are staying safe and healthy.  I am trying to create enrichment opportunities for you based on the info you gave in the Math Check-In Survey.  If you did not get a chance to take the survey, please take it now.

So, how is this going to work?  Each day I would suggest checking out what is listed under "Try It Out."  There will always be a Math Minute, and usually another activity.  Remember, we are trying to keep up the skills we have already developed this year.  Under "A Little Additional Fun" I will post a weekly collection of Logic Puzzles, Coloring Pages, and Math Challenge Problems for those of you looking for something different to do in your free time.  I will provide info on the ways math is used every day under "Math in Real Life."

I miss being with all of you.  We are working out a way for us all to see each other.  In the mean time, check out our discussion board topics, participate, and feel free to send an email!     - Dr. P


Week of April 6

  Try It Out A little additional fun Math in real life
Monday - Math Minute 12     (Key)

- All students can go to their IXL account and complete the questions in the Diagnostic Arena.

Algebra 8 - Rotations lesson on Khan Academy.  Check out your Classroom page to find Khan Academy login info and additional materials.
     - How to graph a rotation

Algebra 8R - Seating Chart Puzzle is posted in Classroom

- Coloring Pages
     GeoDesigns 10
     MasterScapes 3
     NatureScapes 8

- Logic Puzzles

- Quizzles (Grid format)

Answers will be posted at the end of the day Friday.
Find out what kind of income you will need to support the adult lifestyle you hope to have.

Math in Sports - Baseball Stats, NBA Draft Lottery

What's going on in this graph?
A weekly discussion board for students using actual figures published in the New York Times.
Tuesday - Math Minute 13     (Key)

Algebra 8 - Practice rotation  (Key)

Algebra 8R - Try you hand at all seven levels of transformations in the activity below.  They even talk about transformations using matrices, something new to learn!
     Transformations Activity

     How to draw transformation using matrices
Wednesday - Math Minute 14     (Key)
- Check out your Google Classroom page.
Thursday - Math Minute 15     (Key)
- Check out your Google Classroom page.

Week of March 30

  Try It Out A little additional fun Math in Real Life
Monday - Math Minute 7     (Key)

Today's activity involves solving systems of equations.
     - Go to Desmos and sign in using your school email

Extra - Pizza Puzzle  (Key) Thanks Anna!
10 Assorted Problems  (Key)

- Coloring Pages
     GeoDesigns 9
     MasterScapes 12
     NatureScapes 4

- Logic Puzzles
     D5-6     (Key D5-8)
     E5-6     (Key E5-8)

- Quizzles (Grid format)
     5-6     (Key 5-8)

Answers will be posted at the end of the day Friday.

How Far Away Is Lightning?

You can predict the temperature from cricket chirps!

Strategies to win at the game of Battleship

Tuesday - Math Minute 8     (Key)

How about a little artwork?  Something to work on for the next day or so.  Check out the padlet containing tessellations Period 6 created.
     - Directions for creating your own tessellation
     - When you have completed your own, upload it to the
        padlet, put your name at the top.

PERIOD 6 - Create another tessellation if you wish, but I challenge you to solve the Cookie Problem!

Extra - Teeter Troop
Wednesday - Math Minute 9     (Key)

- You can access today's activity (EdPuzzle Ditch Diggers) through my new Classroom pages; use the correct code below to join your class.

Period 1 - ntdvocz

Period 3 - gochlh2

Period 4 - mcwt255

Period 6 - afv22ah

Extra - Apple Orchard 
(Key) Thanks Lily J!
Thursday - Math Minute 10     (Key)

- Answer diagnostic questions on IXL.  (If you don't finish, you can always come back to it later.)
     1.  Check your email from me for your IXL username and password.
     2.  Go to:  www.ixl.com/signin
     3.  Log in
     4.  Click on "Diagnostic" on the green bar
     5.  Enter the "Diagnostic Arena" and begin answering questions.

Extra:  Bowling Buddies
Friday - Math Minute 11     (Key)

- Kahoot (Solving Equations) - link
The game will close at 5pm.
***Prizes will be awarded***

Week of March 23

  Try It Out A Little Additional Fun Math in Real Life
Monday - Math Minute 2     (Key)

Use your linear skills to land the airplane on the airstrip.  At the end you can create your own problems and share them.  Let me know how it works!

- Go to student.desmos.com

- Sign in using your school email
- Student Code:  ETQ 8YN
- 10 Assorted Problems (Answers)

- Coloring Pages
     GeoDesigns 5
     MasterScapes 6
     NatureScapes 6

- Logic Puzzles
     D1-2  (Key D1-4)
     E1-2   (Key E1-4)

- Quizzles (Grid format)
     1-2   (Key 1-4)

Answers will be posted at the end of the day Friday.

What does it mean to flatten the curve?

Ways to flatten the curve simulator

How to determine how contagious a disease is (Calculating R0)

How contagious is Covid-19?

Tuesday - Math Minute 3     (Key)

For the next two days, you will be working your way out of an Exponential Growth and Decay Escape Room!

- Enter the room as you solve each level, here is where you will enter the key to get you to the next level.
- Level 1
- Level 2

Wednesday - Math Minute 4     (Key)

Please take the following quick survey.  It will help me create seating charts for when we return.
     Period 1
     Period 3
     Period 4
     Period 6

Finish up the Escape Room!
- Level 3
- Could you find the completion code?
Thursday - Math Minute 5     (Key)

If you didn't do this yesterday, please take the following quick survey.
     Period 1
     Period 3
     Period 4
     Period 6

For today's activity (remember you only need to do 20 minutes)
- Go to student.desmos.com

- Sign in using your school email
- Student Code:  TNF PFM
Friday - Math Minute 6     (Key)

- Please make sure to take the survey from Wednesday/Thursday!
- Finish up yesterday's activity

If you want some more...
     Miniature Golf Problem